Monday, July 4, 2011

One Year Down. Evaluation Time.

It has been one year !

One whole year not of my marriage but of my unemployment.

Before all this "housewiving", you know I did have an actual career or still do so (as I would like to think). One year is a milestone and I got into evaluation mode, of my life in the last one year of unemployment. The analysis results follow below:


1.    Got MARRIED….!! ( Definitely a good thing,atleast for now..hehe!)

2.    Being a big non-believer in diets obviously took(showed)its toll quite explicitly on me. So I took the plunge, got on a diet, actually stuck to it and ended up losing about 6-7 kgs !! Achievement ?!?! I think so..

3.    Could devote full attention to wedding preparation, assisting parents with the huge invite lists, guest accommodation plans and the best - indulge wholly in guilt-free shopping ( Pure bliss) !

4.    Spent quality time with the in-laws, sis-in-law and her family including her cutest two girls. I am officially Gayathri- ammayi (meaning aunt). This time was well spent in perfect bonding and what about all the secret childhood/adolescent stories of my spouse which he might have “CONVENIENTLY” forgotten to tell me? ( Big smug grin J)

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5.    Learnt cooking/baking and rapidly moving from a zero to a hero-(ine) (slightly exaggerated as part of writer’s license), but I do now get a huge big approving nod from my victim who can be rightfully compared to Anton Ego of Ratatouille (a very mean and fictional food critic). Is that also a bit too far-fetched now?

6.   Could spend (spending) quality time with my husband and solidify our relationship. Lesson learnt- No amount of gifts / phone talk/ texts can replace the actually time physically spent with your partner especially in those crucial initial months of marriage.

7.    Re-discovered my older passion in life. You can read about it here.

8.    Started this blog..!!! This is a smashing surprise entry into my pro-list. Who thought I would not just write but also have the audacity to start a blog..!


1.  End up feeling extremely unproductive, especially on days my dishes refuse to co-operate with me or when I meet other employed women.

2.  Miss the salary – most obvious and biggest con, by which I mean pocket money for all sorts of extra indulgences.

3.  Had to leave behind my friends and relatives in Bangalore with whom I had a blast of a four years. “Joie de vivre” was our key mantra during those days.

4.  Freedom of being completely free in context of responsibility. Admit it or not, it is true.

5.  Suddenly I am an aunt !!  Becoming an aunt to my hubby’s nieces is quite acceptable and infact I revel in the joy of that prized position, but how does being married give an indication to 15 year old teenagers to start calling you an aunt. Still terribly scarred from the last encounter.Sigh..

Numerically, the results are obvious. Pros have outweighed the cons. And by quality, I don’t think I can do any justice if I express it here.  Infact I don’t think I am going overboard when I say this year may be one of my best ones – not only I meet my partner for life but I have discovered one big talent ( If I may call so) in form of cooking in me. I think I have struck out a fair deal with the Supreme Being.

So which has been your best years or most memorable year of your life?? Would love to know... 


  1. Nice read.. and I must say that I'm jealous of you!!! In fact I'm jealous of all the women who aren't working.

  2. Hi Ammayi...I liked the the 5th point under CONS.. hahaha..

    And you are just a few days away from that housewife tag being removed.. So cheer up and good luck Ammayi...

  3. Enjoyed reading your post..Liked the PROS and CONS!! In between happy marriage anniversary to you guys..

  4. @Sarah..You re jealous..! Seriously?? Guess this is the perfect theory of "Grass is always greener on the other side".
    @Niran..Angu..venda venda...Hmmm..let's hope for the best..!
    @Suman..Thanks a ton. Btw my anniversary is not until another 4 months..!

  5. Gal I am with you on this unemployment cons!! I feel the same way! The pros are also way too good. Lovely writing :)

  6. Quality post!!! :)

    Wishing you guys many MANY more years of togetherness!

  7. @thekitchenaffaire- So glad to hear that..Misery does love company..Or is it really misery?! :)

    @Bharathy - Thank u..thank u !! :)

  8. Gal!!! loved reading it!!! i am doing the same thing for the past 3 years :) :)...frustrated at once , but started njoying everybit of it you said at times , i feel so unproductive , but i tell you , its just a stupid thought!!! who else will get such amazing times with husbands???

  9. @Sarah..So nice of u..that's really comforting..I know I enjoy the nice relaxed hubby time and it's all worth it!!

  10. Great list and yes, the pros far outweigh the cons. Happy Anniversary!

    And of course - Congrats on the weight-loss! Would love to know more about your diet.

    Oh, and I was reading A Movable Feast last month. It's a great book and I loved it!

  11. True. It really does seem like we have a lot of similar likes :) Thats nice.. I love reading too. I just read all kinds of stuff. Mostly fiction though. This time I have a "teen" fiction at hand!!! ;) Waiting for more of your posts :)

  12. Saw your comment in Ash's blog, like your style of writing glad to follow you.

  13. Well, for me its more than 3 yrs of joblessness! I must say I miss working and also the extra pockey money:(..

    I love the way u hve written the PROs and CONs.. I am still pondering over mine!

  14. @Gopika/thekitchenaffaire - Great to catch up with u..! Will be in touch
    @Shilpi..Thanks for the support and u too have a wonderful space..
    @Jyoti..Wow..Great to know there r similar bloggers out there as well.

  15. wow...enjoyed your lovely post gayathri..
    wishing you a great married life..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  16. I think you should think of employing yourself in some way rather than waiting for a job to happen. Is that possible where you live? Or even something online maybe?

  17. @Nags..Thanks for those encouraging words ! Getting employed is very much in the picture. Will keep you posted in the near future. :)

  18. First time here .. lovely blog and love the writeup. Following you.

    I am having a giveaway .. check it out when you get a chance.

    Check out my 100th post giveaway

  19. Thank u so much Vardhini for those lovely words and am off to your space.. :)

  20. I'm not sure what the best years were/are...last year of undergrad, childhood years...and I think...more years in the future. I've had lots of 'con' years though.
    Your pros seems 'heavier' than the cons...sounds like you've had a decent year :)

  21. Ha, well said, sweetness! I’m glad your boons make up for your cons—you are one lucky, sweet person. Touchwood.

    It turns out that some of the best moments of my life were when I had a job, a career and plenty of goals to look forward to. I was employed for nearly a decade, and that makes it even more difficult to stay at home being so busily lazy (!) and feeling so darn unproductive (yep, you nailed it girl!) I miss work, I miss company. I miss the fun times. I miss the money. I miss the confidence. Hell, I feel a bit bent out of shape and I hate being so vulnerable, plus all the negativity. But I can’t help it. Hmm, sharing my deepest concerns may not be a wise idea, but who cares? And that, my friend, is the simple truth.

    Anyways, see ya soon, lovely ♥

  22. Sorry I vented out my frustration on your wall.. ;P Hey btw how did you lose weight... tell, tell na.. I seriously wanna peel off some pounds before vacation...!

  23. @Vatsala- well it isn't my anniversary yet..! But thanks anyways.
    @Nash-U voiced my thoughts precisely. Temme about the confidence and negativity. When I walk into a plush office and see the women out there only realisation strikes as to what am I doing?? Hey aren't friends supposed to be vented upon ! Especially since we are going thru the same more or less. Glad you did and about the weight loss, will definitely brief it to you when we meet or talk next. A snapshot would be to eat healthy and exercise.Sounds cliché ! But it does work !!

  24. Hi, Nice writing..Even I was feeling that I have become super unproductive after 5 months of non salaried job(housewife)..But ur post lifted me..


  25. I so relate to this post of yours. Every. Single. Word. I miss the interaction with adults since I am with my toddler the whole day long. I feel strapped during conversations when I do meet up with other 'normal' people because I have only toddler talk to do. I think it puts many people off. So I have found a way to interact with more new mums to feel at home.
    The most memorable year would be 2009 when I was pregnant, in UK, not working ( but got a salary- since I took a long leave) :-) Just perfect it was. The hormones did their best to keep me cheerful and content.
    You should try that sometime :-)

    I am only joking.

  26. Madhublog- Thanks a ton for that ! It's really comforting to meet others like yourselves..

    Anita- Oh ya, I guess can relate to that -only for me it's all about cooking/baking I ve to talk about. It's all about meeting the right people and they automatically bring on the best in u. So don't take it too much to your head ! Haha, yah sure will try that. But definitely not anytime soon ! (hopefully) Wanna take a few years to get established personally and professionally before being responsible for whole another being! :)

  27. I could so relate to everything (almost) you've penned down here. I was jobless for the first 6 months after my wedding and I went thru exactly the same emotions as u. and of course, i tried to focus on all the positive things that has happened, but that couldnt take me longer...My Best wishes for a fruitful career and a well-balanced life(very important)! Learnt from a recent post that u got ur first salary...:)

    as about shedding a few pounds, pls share ur diet! i've put on about 5 kilos recently and im trying hard to come back to shape!


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