Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book club, dog-ears and modern gadgets !

I have missed out on posting for my newly-joined book club for the last two months. 

Considering I have joined the club only three months ago, this seems highly irresponsible. And don't get me wrong, I have been and am highly enthusiastic about it. But when it comes around to reading my e-book (the only fastest mode for me to procure the monthly read), I find myself making numerous excuses like oh ! It's too early in the morning or I am too tired to read with the comp on my lap adding further to the sweltering summer or how can I read when Masterchef Australia is currently on TV or when I curl up under my blanket at night, how much warmer a physical book seems. Then I got around to analyzing. I love reading indisputably; although my monthly run rate is slow, it is still ticking ie. this rule applies to only physical books. But for e-books, it's a whole another story.

Is this just me being traditional and rigid? Or any of you guys out there relate to this? 

I just love the smell of books and a distinct nostalgia hits me when I smell a book, transporting me back to my school days where I used to be so thrilled after getting new books at the beginning of an academic year. An unopened book is so much more thrilling like an unopened gift package, just bursting with unraveled secrets. The new, crisp, shiny, white pages only to end up being all torn, tattered and bruised in every possible manner by the end of the year.

I love the way that we can make tiny notes, highlight important passages( Btw, that's how I used to study. My books were covered with fluorescent yellow and green markers all over the pages) and how about the cute, tiny dog ears that we can make with the pages. I mean, doesn't that just leave you with a whole another feeling. And they are so forgiving even if you fall asleep over them or with them over you.

Undoubtedly, e-book readers have all conveniences in terms of portability, instant dictionary references, accessibility, multi-tasking with novels, magazines, newspapers or even games all simultaneously. Most definitely, it's an all-in-one package !

But, I don't think e-books can stir that kind of emotions or ever replace that exhilarating high which physical books can, in me. 

Till the day when a manufacturer comes out with an e-book reader having smells/ capability for dog ears/hug-ability factor, guess e-books would not end up being my best friend or wait maybe, not even then !


  1. I am totally with you on this, nothing can compare to flicking through pages of book, definitely way better than the eye strain looking at the screen!

  2. I totally agree with you Penguu. An e-book can never replace a book and the bond that it creates with the reader is immense.. I would any day go for a book rather than a e-book.

  3. Ya molu go ahead. I am with you.
    acha n amma

  4. Jehanne- Absolutely !! Hip hip hurray Physical book !

    Niran- U have captured that so correctly. I think we, the true book-lovers need to ensure that the physical book doesn't die out so that even the coming generations can savour this feeling !

    Acha- Thanks for the encouragement like always ! :)

  5. Gosh.. Can people have so many similarities? :D I feel the same about books. I just love to read physical books and not the e-books. Your are so right.. The smell of those old books (from the library) brings me into the reading mode.. :D

  6. Though i feel exactly the same about books , i think i m getting used to e-books in tablets. I should at least admit they are doing a good job with all the highlights ,bookmarks in tablets ..that being said i hate reading books in computer , it cant get any cozy ..the smell of books!!! gal , u took me back to my school days :)...njoyed reading each n every line..Good going!!

  7. Hey Gayathri... thanks for all the lovely comments you left on my blog :) I know I have been a bit tardy with my response but I just love hearing from fellow bloggers all the same! So do keep dropping by :)
    I'm a complete bookworm. I read (physical) books of course, but I also read extensively on my laptop, on my e-book reader and if I could, I wd read on my mobile too!!! :D
    but that said, there is nothing to beat the actual paper book. Turning those fragrant pages, sitting in your favorite nook, and feeling those sometimes-smooth, sometimes-rough pages with your fingers... it transports you into another world!

  8. i agree. A hardbound book is a joy forever. The only literature I read online is Twitter updates and blog posts.
    I go to India, order books through flipkart and then bring suitcase full of books back to bahrain.
    But I am not with you on this - "distinct nostalgia hits me when I smell a book, transporting me back to my school days where I used to be so thrilled after getting new books at the beginning of an academic year "

    School books????? Nevah!

    Any other kind of book; I am all with you on nostalgia and emotions.

  9. Gopz- Maybe we got separated at birth..check if u have a broken half of a locket. hehe..! But we need to seriously move to e-readers as well..else would be left far behind.

    Sarah- Thanks so much for those lovely words ! I really wish I adapt faster as I am falling so far behind in my scheduled reading.

    Swati- I too love reading way too much that guess eventually I ll have to adapt to e-book readers as well ! No probs, will definitely stop by regularly sweets.. :)

    Jay- Thank u so much for dropping by !!

    Anita- I do the same thing precisely ! Order all my books thru flipkart and get mom,dad to bring them everytime they travel ! School books excitement lasted till the actual studies started only !!

  10. I used to be like that but I've changed my mind after I got my iPad :)

  11. Simran- Wow..v happy for u! But I still havn't warmed up to using my hubby's iPad. Hopefully time shall sort out that as well.

  12. Ohh.. wow.. I so agree with you.. I love reading real books.. I actually fall asleep when I try to read from any technology.. Its just not cozy enough for me.. :)) Love the write up girl..

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  13. Hi Mehjabeen, Thank u so much for stopping by. Haha...glad to know that I ve company ! Did stop by ur space..Ongoing Bonjour series is a great initiative !

  14. oooh im so glad you liked it..yeah i know, the rolling bit i struggled as well especially cos the dough was pretty wet and i suck at rolling out anything :)
    Its addictive, i cant stop with just one :)

  15. oh totally a fan of the shopaholic series..just finished reading mini shopaholic n im pretty sure another sequels coming up :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. Glad to discover urs too. I too like many others agree that nothing can beat the old world charm of physical books...& with excuse I love to buy cookery books too, when the whole world of recipes are on the net. Having said that convenience is a big thing & that's where gadgets come into the picture.

  17. Anamika, great to know u love reading as well..Completely agree cook books are a whole world altogether..I recently got Dorie's baking from my home to yours..I can just stare at it for hours together.. :)


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