Saturday, June 3, 2017


I was bitten by the travel bug quite late in life kicking off with our trip to Italy in 2015 and then last year I even went on my first solo trip to Thailand. This year, it continued with my first girls' trip to Bali,Indonesia.

Our trip to Bali just like last year happened all of a sudden post a casual conversation with my sis-in-law. And there we were strolling around the streets in Bali two weeks later. :)

Bali is located in Indonesia and is just 1 of the 17,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. So here are my 9 reasons on why you should consider Bali to be your next holiday destination:

1.Bali offers something just about for everyone and is ideal for honeymooners, friends, families, retired couples and even for solo travel. You would end up being spoilt when it comes to choices for accommodation ranging from homestays, budget to midrange hotels to luxurious resorts.

2.There's nothing more appealing than zero visa hassles considering Bali offers free 30 day visas on arrival for citizens of almost 140 countries making it one of the few countries (for atleast Indians), that you can plan spontaneous trips to.

3.You are almost always surrounded by lush greenery, azure blue seas and by tourists. And since everyone is on a holiday, you are amongst such positive and relaxing vibes that you will also end up being the less wound-up version of yourself.

4.Local hospitality is almost at its best where you are surrounded by smiling, welcoming and helpful locals. Don't forget to say Selmat Pagi (Good morning) or Suksma (Thank You) !

5.Travel and tours across the island are very cheap such as we did a whole day trip (about 12 hours) in a private air-conditioned vehicle with a driver cum tour guide taking us across various landmarks and specialty stores for just about QAR 350.

6.Whatever be your taste, Bali offers some of the best options in food be it local Balinese fare or Indonesian cuisine or just about any of the world cuisines. Be prepared to be blown away by the fresh and flavoursome cuisine.

7.Bali is a perfect diving destination be it for your first dive or to acquire an certification and Bali is reputed to have some of the best diving sites in the world.

8.Have you always wanted to be a millionaire? It might be hard to become one back home, however you most definitely will become one in Indonesia owing to the weak Indonesian Rupiah. I spent   IDR1.1 million on a one night hotel stay ! :)

9.You can never run out of activities to do in Bali and on the other hand, you can also choose to do nothing since you can either just lie on the beach or relax with therapeutic massages at parlours across at again very low prices.

So if you are planning a trip to Bali, I highly recommend that you plan one for a week atleast to begin with. We stayed 6 days and still missed out on several sights and activities.

You can read here about the 9 Fun Things we did in Bali.


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