Saturday, July 22, 2017


A few months back, I happened to read this book-Life from Scratch by a food blogger, Sasha Martin.
The book revolved around the mammoth project undertaken by Sasha which involved her cooking from every country of the world i.e. precisely 197 countries. Tackling one country per week, it took her almost 4 years to complete this assignment. She initially commenced this major task with the prime objectives of coaxing her picky husband to experiment with food and exposing her six-month daughter to various global cuisines.

But as she delved deeper into herself, Sasha realized this project was her way of meditation and making peace with her extremely difficult childhood. Sasha was raised by a single mother and they faced serious financial difficulties. However, her mother was a very savvy cook and let no crumb go to waste be it moldy breads or spoilt apples. What she didn't have in resources, she made up for in creativity such as by introducing cranberry juice with cereal just because she could not afford milk.

Cooking and food was Sasha's strongest connection to her mother which kept her going when she lived in a string of foster homes.

Sasha in her book, particularly talks about certain recipes such as the German Tree Cake recipe which consisted of 21 layers made from almond paste that had to be further broiled, layered and frosted. This was a recipe that her mom had saved up for months and took them jointly two days to make. It was her mother's way of teaching Sasha that life is all about resilience and perseverance.

Perhaps cooking her way through 197 countries was the adult version of the German Tree cake recipe through which Sasha managed to make peace with her past, forgive and move on to find happiness in her current life.

Since having read this book, I have been very inspired with this project and have decided to embark one on my own albeit on a smaller scale. I would
be cooking and blogging from one country starting from A to Z on a fortnightly/monthly basis. This project would indulge two of my passions, one learning about world cuisines and two, cooking experiments which in turn would widen my repertoire of recipes.
However, I have a couple of disclaimers which I think is important to list out here before I start off:
·   Recipes might not be completely authentic owing to the unavailability of certain ingredients and more importantly because I lack the technical know-how about local cuisines of countries from across the world.
·   Recipes would definitely not include beef/pork. I primarily cook with vegetables, chicken, egg, and occasionally fish and seafood.
·   Recipes would be sourced by foraging the Internet and suggestions would be most welcome to include recipes or even modifications to the ones that I have posted.
·   Although my inspiration is from the book-Life from Scratch. However, I would not be following the recipes listed out on her website.
So, wish me luck and coming soon is the link to country A.


  1. All the best! This seems like a great project. I wish I could commit to this. It may help me grow a loving for cooking which I currently do not have. Lol. I look forward to your updates!

    1. Thank you so much and I am hoping that with this project, I also get completely committed to putting up posts regularly.

  2. Sounds like such an awesome idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

    xo, Kimberly

  3. Sounds awesome.. all the best

  4. sounds like a great project! enjoy!

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  6. I normally don't buy cooking books like this one, but you've piqued my interest in Sasha, her life and her story. I love to try new foods and recipes so I'm happy you wrote about her (or I may have never discovered her).

    1. I just realized after your post a blaring flaw in my blog post title. Actually Sasha did not write a cookbook but rather her story and this project which is actually captured on her website. Thanks for mentioning and so I have updated my title. :) Having said that, I really loved the book and she has written it so poignantly.

  7. All the best for your book :D This looks like a great project :) I just love cooking and I will look forward to it :)

    1. Thanks a ton Keerthana and I do hope you would come back here again to catch up on my progress. :)

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