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Ask any legitimate foodie in Doha for the city’s must try dining experiences and Brunches would inarguably figure in the top 3 recommendations of every list. However beware these brunches are not like those in the rest of the world to which you usually roll out of bed !

In GCC, these are more like events for which you dress up in your Friday best. They are Grand, Teeming and even sometimes a tad Extravagant.

So generally the brunches in the city vary from being a family brunch to the drinkers' brunch to the cuisine-centric brunch to the one with the view and more. St Regis Grand Brunch can be named as the Brunch with a Map. Comprising of a gargantuan spread and a countless number of dishes and stations, you would genuinely be "lost" without a map. 
The buffet ranges around an area of 2500 sqm and is made up of 16 stations including live cooking and dishes from the hotel's flagship restaurants such as Opal by Gordon Ramsay, the Raw Bar, Astor Grill, Vine, Sultan Ibrahim. Dishes offered vary from Sushi to Shawarma to Fish and Chips to Beef Wellington to Pizza to Foie Gras to Burgers to Indian to Pot Roasts to Tapas and much more. I really was not joking when I called it “gargantuan”. And as if that was not enough, you could also grab your drinks from the live cocktail stations ranging from sangria to mojitos to margaritas to martinis.
For those with uncontrollable overzealous kids like ours,St Regis offers the perfect antidote in the form of a supervised play area with a jumping castle, face painting and other activities equipped with a special kids' buffet. I was a happy mommy cruising through the buffet and yet being able to see my deeply engrossed little one through the corner of my eye.           
The brunch patrons included groups of families, friends, all girls to all boys, all who seemed to be glad to be outside after being confined to the indoors for too long.

On receiving the invite and reading upon the details of the brunch,I had decided to conquer the buffet by
not overstuffing myself and instead "strategically" savouring one bite of a few dishes at every station to return and indulge in my favourites. Alas ! Forget return, I barely could move after just a sampling of couple of the dishes at the mighty spread.

My favourites were the caprese skewers, fresh shawarmas, toffee pudding. Not being a fan of seafood or red meat, I can't personally attest to those dishes but did hear glowing reviews of especially,the sushi from the Raw Bar.
Watch the Video:
You could also catch a glimpse of the brunch and the various stations by clicking below.

What could have been better?
I observed that the number of servers were limited and hence to draw their attention to refill water/wine was not as easy as it should have been.

However, why should St Regis Grand Brunch be on your list of Must-Try Brunches in Doha?
  • If you are looking to kick off or renew your brunch experience with the grandest one of them all, then it is obvious that no one does it better than the finest address in town-St Regis.
  • Did you even see the map of the spread? It undoubtedly has something for everyone however large your bunch is or diverse your taste buds are.
  • This is one of the few brunches in town that is able to equally cater to adults only groups and also to families with kids.
  • A Live band rendering tunes that you can sing your heart to and even dance to.
  • Toffee pudding I am not exaggerating when I say that I would return to this brunch just to demolish relish this Toffee pudding.
  • The stunning alfresco setting combined with the pleasant climate and delicious food guarantee to relieve you off all your week worries and leave you rejuvenated to launch the week with a punch !
And yes if you are thinking that I am saying ALL this just because I was invited, let me leave at it by simply stating the fact that the buffet at the brunch we experienced was absolutely the same as every other paying customer present and there were “no extras” offered to us as part of the media invite.

The Grand Brunch is on Every Friday at St Regis from 12:30 pm-4 pm

QAR 350 pp inclusive of soft beverages
QAR 450 pp including alcoholic beverages
Half price for children aged 4-11 years
Free for children below 4 years
Tel: +974-44460000


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