Friday, February 11, 2011

Sixth sense

“Marriage” - a dreaded word amongst most young people (atleast among the normal ones ! ). I believe that; the only people who do welcome it ; are parents, relatives and their relatives and of course; the ones who are in louvvv...! (Ooopss...Excusez-moi )

Love marriage or arranged marriage..?? Wasn't that a perennial question asked to us as we progressed from late childhood to adolescence to adulthood ? But funny or what..I always knew mine would be an arranged marriage. I still don't know how I knew..but I knew ! Call it women's instinct or sixth sense. And also all along, I was a big believer in arranged marriages ,probably seeing the biggest inspiration- my parents who I can see are so in love and that too especially now during their so-called “second honeymoon” or maybe it's because I just started observing them with more caution recently after getting engaged myself. They still act as they are newly weds by running across the house, nudging, prodding each other ! ( touch wood). There were several others as well which just strengthened my belief in arranged marriages, no not that love marriages around me were failures. Just somehow I ended up seeing more of arranged marriages as I grew up and I still remember a late night conversation with one of my school friends who told me- “Oh! You know are most definitely going to have an arranged marriage..!! Funny...Why ? Was it that evident from my face or was it a guess? No need to be a of a certain type to have a love marriage !” Wow..Didn't know that there were so many technicalities involved !

Now after being married and into it for exact 3 months and 15 days..and obviously having ample spare time, just gave me time to evaluate these earlier thoughts...and the end result being that - I did get into an Arranged Marriage. ( No surprise for all those who know already but I am still pleasantly surprised that the prediction went right !)

And by the way..I continue to hunt for the qualities that one needs to have to be the CERTAIN TYPE to get into love marriage..I know..just for curiosity/ research sake !


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! :D A great start. Really touched you gave me the link of ur blog! :) :)

    About the post -- you are really different from the rest of us then. Almost everyone wants a love marriage no? DDLJ types :) :) But it's good to see that someone was realistic about the whole thing. I guess in arranged marriages one just learns to fall in love eventually by learning to ACCEPT each other's faults. In love marriage, it's harder maybe coz one only sees the romantic, mushy part of your partner's personality and we always want the person to be that exact same way even after marriage -- which hardly happens!

  2. Hey...i guess the type that they are all talking abt is dunno...but havent u noticed..its the loud ones who always get into an arranged marriage and the quiet "how can she even get a guy so good looking" types who get into love marriages (no offense to all those lovely couples who made it :) ) i guess there is a type...the quiet homely ones :)

  3. the technical issues will always remain unsolved...:)

  4. Hey !
    Now am wondering with who u used to have those late night conersations ? :)

  5. @ dhanya..thanx for the warm welcome ! I just wonder if I was realistic or plain hopeless non-romantic !
    @ sap.. wow thats strong classification ! u mean the minda poocha
    @niran.. mayb u r the best person to throw some light into this.. ;-)
    @ taher..yeah buddy..its U !! cat's out of the bag.. hehe


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