Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My very own JERK

I came across this anecdote on husbands on my friend's FB wall which seemed so relevant for newly-weds or maybe infact for all kinds of weds.

During courtship and just married
Aww..I am so in love (Heart fluttering, butterflies in stomach etc...)

Well into the marriage
He is a JERK ( This is tougher than expected. Did we do the right thing?)

Deep into the marriage
I love my JERK ( and wouldn't have anyone else instead for the world !!!)

PS : Bracketed comments are exclusively my sentiments on the above.
PPS: Applies particularly for arranged marriages

Coincidence or what...This post comes right in time for our sixth-month anniversary tomorrow. We officially no longer come under the classification of  "newly-weds" and I can live with that !  =)



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