Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Baking-crazy" and a Virtual party !

Not a very fancy and content-packed post but that doesn't imply it lacks punch !

Until now, I have been doing all my baking in a microwave oven, that too a basic one. Like a frog in a well, I was pretty pleased with the end results and always thought/assumed oven-baked goodies are just well-browned and looked better. Oh boy have I been wrong ! It was not until very recently that I was introduced to the conventional oven baking.  And I have been absolutely floored with the results. They are don't just look uber-cool but tastes infinitely better. What have I been thinking ?!?!

As expected, things at my end are getting a little out of hand. I have been baking non-stop everyday for the past one week !

Anyways, the end products in one week are: 2 pizzas, 2 sets of chocolate-chip cookies 
(almost 16 cookies per session), Lemon cake, Fudgy chocolate brownie. 

My husband and other family friends ( or well-wishers as they call themselves) have declared me baking-crazy and are almost on the verge of announcing an intervention ! Would have sounded more convincing if they didn't so happily munch on the bakes. ;-) That gave me enough motivation to keep my (baking) adrenaline pumping ! Oh noo..! I hear our weighing scales giving out a feeble cry for the exhaustion to be soon imposed on it.

But I must justify that I have adequate reasons for all my baking like; dessert for a dinner party or for the poor aunty who needed to try out pizza making in the oven before her hostel-dwelling son arrives for the holidays or to satiate my baking instinct ( counts!)

That was when I remembered the virtual party being hosted by Roshni of Doux Project on the occasion of Friendship's day. Ah ! What more better excuse can I get ? 

So this chewy and yumm choc-chip cookie from Maria's Menu ( which I declare to be my bible for not just baking but all kinds of cuisines) is virtually being sent for the party,which incidentally happens to be the first event I am participating in and has been physically sent to my childhood best friend in the US through her parents.  

Being the first actual cookie recipe that I have tried out, I was super happy as it gave me the texture just as how I had wanted it to be- crisp edges and chewy centre. The recipe has been adapted verbatim from the source and hence not pasting it again over here. Just made the exception of using white sugar only as I didn't have brown sugar in stock.

So, Happy Friendship's day to all of you out  there. Here's to friendships- old, new, virtual, physical! 


  1. OMG! I love the cookies! The first ones I made (and several after, actually) were used for everything else besides eating - I'd rather not say.But congratulations on the fabulous cookies - they look gorgeous and so thick!

  2. Addicted to baking/cooking??? Good going..
    Onnillenkil kalarikku purathu allenkil ashante nenjathu.

  3. this's what's keep you busy huh?!! Too busy baking and no time for friends elle..? ;) Glad you are enjoying your newfound passion girl. So, when do I get to taste the goodies..? I particularly loved the sound of the lemon cake!

  4. Wonderful! I'm sure you are giving Maya aunty some tips now ;) Role reversal? :D

  5. Roshni- Thanks sweetie and hopefully one of these days , we can all have a party together in person!

    Niran- Entha cheyya? Vere pani onnum illalo? But someone's enjoying the aashante nenjathe a lot!

    Nashira- Haha..U ve got me ! Ayyo, don't say that! Seriously havn't put friends on the backseat for baking. Just the oven is always around and staring at me. :) Will definitely get you some goodies next time to make it up.

    Dhanya- Haha, tips maybe little little. But n
    now I ve been inspiring her to try new recipes and chuck the old !

  6. the cookies look yummm! cant wait to get my hands on some! Wish i lived close to ur place. I would happily drop by every evening after work to sample ur baked goodies!

  7. So great to know another blogger from Bahrain ( I mean visiting blogger)!

    The cookies look yum. Had I known you earlier, I'd have met up with you also. Let me know the next time you are in Bahrain, please?

  8. Another cute "from the heart" write up :)

    Serene looking cookies!! :) you liked it and t'was perfect, right?
    That's it!! :)

  9. Cookie have turned out really well, a perfect bake.

  10. Way to go darlll.. :) The cookies look awesome. I would have given you my mail address if I knew about this earlier :D And yea.. I hear these too. Bake-crazy.. cooking-crazy. hehe :D Nevamind.. Its just fun.. :)

  11. Hi Gayathri, just came across your blog. I loved the way of your writings. You have a very lovely space. Happy to follow you. Please visit my space when time permits.

  12. Cookies look yum... a wonderful read indeed:) I can actually feel your excitement when talking about baking... Enjoy..
    Glad to have visited your blog.. Loved it:)

  13. Sarah- Aww..thank u so much sweetiee ! U re more than welcome to my place the next when u come here!

    Anita- Yes, definitely will meet up the next time I'm there..Looking forward to it a lot. Miss Bahrain so much !

    Bharathy- Thank u so much dear ! Yeah, I was pretty satisfied with first time attempt..

    Umm Mymoonah- Thank u gal ! :)

    Gopzz- Haha,had I known you were in Texas as well few days back, would have definitely sent u some across..I know it's crazy. Who cares? I m having so much fun ! That's what matters right? :)

    Zareena- So nice of you and thanks for the support. By the time you ve read this, I would have already been your follower. :) Loved your space as well !

    Revathi- Best part is I feel I'm connecting to so many new friends like you and no one else around us can GET what we feel ! Right? :) Thanks a lot..

  14. Well, I hope they don't have the 'intervention' so you can keep baking and posting! Very yummy looking cookies! Sometimes I throw some oatmeal into mine for some added 'chew' boys like them both ways. Lovely post!

  15. Thanks a ton dear :) It was nice reading about your baking extravaganza! Belated friendship day wishes to you too. Btw, I've linked to your cookies in my cookie post. Thanks again sweetie :)


  16. Those cookies look amazing.

    Oh, and Happy Friendship's Day, dear Gayathri!

  17. Hey gayathri! came across your blog via nashira's Plateful and I must say, have totally enjoyed reading about your escapades in the kitchen :) Happy Blogging and looking forward to many more recipes and posts from you!

  18. Luv' n Spoonfuls- Haha, don't worry babe. They can't get to me so soon ! Oatmeal is a great idea ! Since this was the first recipe I tried, wanted it to be totally decadent. :)

    Maria- I should be the one thanking you for your recipes, your blog and for being U !! Yet to come across to even more modest and talented blogger ! :)

    Ash- Very belated Friendship's day to you gal !

    Swati Sapna- Thank u sooo much dear for the support and those wonderful words..! Hoping to not disappoint you. :)

  19. Good to know more about you, i was reading some of your interesting posts gayatri. I agree with you that marriage has lots of pros n cons, accepting it n living with it is what i have learnt. Well your cookies have turned out real good. Iam lil crazy about baking too :)

  20. Hello Gayatri,first time here.I missed you somehow.Nice job.Keep going .

  21. San- Ya, you re right. When it's all for the best, then why complain ! Just enjoying the journey as meant to be. :)

    Mélange-Thank u so much for stopping by and for your comment ! Do visit again.

  22. HI Gayathri, thanks for popping by and I am glad to discover your blog and follow your kitchen extravaganza! We can start a virtual baking club as I am definitely infected by baking bug lately:-) keep up the wonderful work..cookies look amazing btw.

  23. Hey Jehanne, Great to see you here as well. Haha, baking- bug ! Is it treatable dear Dr. ? :) Btw the idea of a virtual baking club sounds phenomenal..

  24. Glad you liked my banana cake recipe. The cookies look yumm!!

  25. that is a sweet name for a blog - I use mine everyday!! The cookie stack looks delicious!


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