Thursday, February 17, 2011

Count your blessings..

Don't we blame our misfortunes everyday or keep saying- “ I wish I had this.. that !” or “If this hadn't turned out like this and hadn't happened like that ; it would have been exactly what I always wanted...” But that's not life !! Isn't it ?

One of my very good friends used to always quote - “ Count your blessings”.. But do we really?

I recently got introduced to a lovely couple with the cutest 7 month old baby boy.But the first thing you notice about him is that he has been made to wear the thickest spectacles that I have come across which magnifies his baby eyes.He was born with a cataract problem and hence had to go surgery on his 17th day of birth for the removal of his lenses. He will undergo a lens replacement surgery once he turns 18 months old.

You do get disheartened.


Doesn't he have the most loving parents to care for him ? Isn't he blessed to have educated parents to nurture for him ? Aren't his parents blessed enough to be financially sound to support him ?
You may all say..Yes, easy for me to talk..She is not them.

But that is exactly when through them ( ie. the lovely couple), I came across to know of a man named Nick Vujicic. Nick has no limbs, yes and I do mean- no hands and no legs..and what does he do ? He is a professional motivational speaker.This man is 29 years old and has these challenges by birth, an unexplained medical condition. He teaches us to love life and asks us to focus on the most positive trait in you and work your way from there. His famous quote- “ No Arms, No Legs, No Worries !” His talks are just phenomenal and I am afraid I may not do justice to what he has to talk about and hence, I strongly suggest you have a look at his website and his other YouTube videos.

It just puts your whole life into perspective...where I constantly crib to my hubby that he didn't get me the icecream today as promised or the movie that we missed out last weekend or the honeymoon which we never got the time for !

Trivial..isn't it? I think so..

PS: This post is not to offend the “Lovely couple” about whom I have mentioned above...I really have grown fond of them and earnestly am hoping and praying for the adorable boy to have a successful surgery and life beyond all that.


  1. Human race will never be happy with GOD'S blessings. They alwyas remain unsatisfied. If you have everything that you long for, whose gona think about GOD...!! GOD is smart.

  2. good molu. started to realise the realities. life is not easy always.
    acha n amma

  3. Nice post. I've seen videos of Nick, quite a phenom. You should check out his short movie called "The Butterfly Circus" on YouTube. If life throws you lemons then vodka will have to do :)

  4. @niran..well I m not sure if that's another of God's tricks..but if we keep our expectations short,we surely can be happier !
    @acha-amma, yes yes ! Marriage has made me wiser ! haha
    @apps..saw the short film..this guy is super inspirational !


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