Friday, February 11, 2011

What is my Occupation ?

I am a HOUSEWIFE ( Shitttttttttt !) The first time it hit me was when I was filling out an immigration form at the Trivandrum airport. Against occupation, all these years I have been so comfortably and absent-mindedly been filling out - STUDENT / EMPLOYED- BANKER. This was the first time that I came to a complete halt when I realised I had nothing to fill but HOUSE WIFE..( I later on filled it as recently resigned. Yes, I am quite ashamed now that I didn't muster up enough guts to write- Housewife) Made me evaluate my whole life..the journey of my downs..( the 5 mins that I stood in the immigration queue)

But was I wrong when I meant House-wifing (or House-wiving) is not an occupation, rather not just a house-wife, but a wife. It is a FULL-TIME occupation..24x7 ...365 have no holidays !! (Though I have self-declared Friday to be an off for me and the kitchen stays closed) Again..but.. why didn't any one warn me??

If it is not the cooking, it is the bed making or else running the washing machine ( is also a task) else definitely washing utensils;something which I feel I am doing all the time and ya..I just have 10 vessels to pick and count...but utensil washing goes on and on endlessly like a Karan Johar movie.

These all are day-to-day stuff which every woman does, but its novelty or whatever is just making me wonder a lot and trust me post all that you don't get much alone time...!! and Yes, I am talking about a one bedroom household with 2 people to manage. Sheesh !!! Respect for my Amma and all mothers/ wives/ working-wives just skyrocketed...!!

I mean what do you cook everyday??? I really ask WHAT DO U ?!?!?! If there is any one out there, I'd most happily welcome your opinions...

You can't repeat as it's boring, rather that you can't keep repeating the same disasters over and over and hence you need to find fresh recipes that you can mess up. So that you can always claim- “Sweetie (bold and underlined! ), but this is my first time at this and you can't expect it to be perfect right from the beginning! A tip for newly-weds and this is my newfound theory- Keep experimenting new recipes and don't repeat and I do emphasize-Do Not Repeat, it's only when you repeat,perfection is expected and you get a lot of - “Hey Chakkare (and that maybe not always be lovey-dovey words )..I told you last time also that this didn't have enough of taste/masala/spice/water!

Some self admitted blunders of mine...

Decided one night that would make palak-dal curry for next day's afternoon.
Fridge Check ! No coconut...further no dal...further no palak !!
“Chakkare...I need to go to family food centre..There are no vegetables.” “But I just thought we got some yesterday...” “No please I forgot onion/ garlic/ ginger (I had quickly learnt that no tasty Indian curries come without these prime essentials).” Ahh ! Yes..finally got the palak..also the dal..and few other stuff additionally, as I was warned vegetable shopping is not an everyday thing that we ll be doing.

Next day...
Chore :Cooking
Time spent :3 hours
End result : a Palak-Dal curry which has so much water and by so much I mean that; my dear victim described his plate to be like a dam has broken and hence the water (of the curry) submerged all the rice !!!

Then the victim's (Well I prefer calling him “victim” atleast during the context of my cooking) favorite dialogue- “Can you add one more ingredient into this? (Me scrambling for the salt or pepper or whatever I can grab on first”) You forgot the TASTE powder !!” Aarrghhhhhh…3 hours of cooking and he wants taste as well !! Sheeeshh…so it is true..Men do want everything in this world !

Another one,my Rasam. Well fortunately, I did have all the ingredients(because all you need is garlic,tomatoes and corriander..hehe) as ofcourse I opted to make the easy rasam..(Yeah..there are primarily two kinds of rasams-dal and non-dal ones…I just discovered myself..!)

Final verdict
Chili : yes
Salt : yes
Taste : YES…( yippiee…..!!)
“But darling ..where has all the water gone?? You ve forgotten to add can there be a rasam without water !!!!
Oh noooo…victim (suddenly I am glad he is a victim) starts laughing his ass off..even takes a VIDEO of it showing off his stupid Iphone and is uploading it instantaneously on Youtube giving the link to both sets of parents and relatives…( no way..I am not sharing the link !!!)

Sigh…anyways it’s time to move to the kitchen for there are more battles to win and more lands to be conquered !!!


  1. Now this was fun! :) :) I can so identify with the cooking experiments and the criticism from the "better half" :D Well, gaya, one thing you have to learn is to listen intently to what ur husband has to say about ur food. And then just forget abt it and do your own thing :P I have found that even if I make THE perfect rasam, ratz will still find some fault in it - "it's good but will be better if you added lil more salt" or a "lil more tomato". Next time when I put "lil more" (and I do really mean LITTLE.. I'm scared about ruining the flavour :P), he tells me to put "lil less"! Hence proved that guys know nothing abt cooking! Hmmph.

  2. Thats a blazing entry into the world of blogging my dear....Loved it pengu..Happy blogging...!!
    The VICTIM needs a special mention here.

  3. @ dhanya... well fortunately or unfortunately for bitter..oops better half..knows Cooking quite well.. !!! But still..I m tryin hard new THEORIES to dupe him.. ;-)

    @sap, niran..thanx a ton ! thanks for the encouraging words..

  4. could you post the Youtube link :D

  5. now we have not just a great housewife here ,a great blogger too..!! :D

    keep posting babes! :)

  6. wow thats quite an exciting life :) (come on, gettin things right at the first go will be quite boring)and hey.. "Home-maker" enn paranja mathi.. ppl will go blink :)

    i reeeeeeeally enjoyed the post gaya.. wonder what's gonna be your next attempt!

  7. Superb..Thnx Ga3 for penning this down...i feel history repeats...this is truly what i experienced in 2005 :-)

    Dont forget these golden words...A way to a man's heart is only thru his stomach..and this truth will never change...

    Continue the good work ...

  8. wow..loved the blog.. keep blogging and please post the youtube link:) eagerly awaiting your next entry

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  10. nteresting experiences.... what on earth are you complaining about??!!.. I do all this after I get back from work! :D

  11. @appu..nooo wayy !!!
    @ammy @ renu..thanks a tonn...! ..yes home-maker.. athey..seeems professional.. :)
    @nimmi chech..thk uu so much ! yes i get reminded of those words everyday...esp the days my dishes come out well ! the love then just keeps pouring.. :)
    @manu..nooooooo....this is privacy policy of the author.. haha
    @shreyas..well..u r used to for the last wateva yrs...i m brand heellooo..i m a WIFE..tht is surely different..

  12. COMPLAINING?!?! she said TWO people and daal and rasam and palak... not some wafer with some cold milk...!!!
    (gulp. and now I have lots MORE to worry about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    anything else you want to share ;) ;)?

  13. @sarah...i love uu !! haha... dont worry..jus watch this space closely for more new tips for newly-weds especially..!!
    (tht was a kochu promo from my side.. :) )

  14. tomayto.. temaato
    you do daal.. I do khichdi
    you do rasam .. i do sambar
    you do paalak .. i do paneer


  15. This blog should be a fore-runner to get housewives to actually cook.. I hope this is the motto from today.... :P

  16. you do khichdi,sambar
    and paneer ...i do t.v.!!:P

  17. I can so very well relate to you.I have very similar experiences which only means one thing-we all start alike,hehe.Don't worry you are gonna be a rockstar house-wifey!!

  18. @Divya...Wow..That was fassst !! Ur words r really comforting seeing what a professional chef u r now !! U made my day..hehe

  19. Beautifully written! I remember the initial days of my cooking and all the blunders!

  20. @Divya.. thank u so much ! comforting that I have plenty of partners in crime ! :)


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