Friday, April 29, 2011

New Love of My Life

All my life, I was in constant pursuit for my inner passion.

I felt it so unfortunate when majority of the people around me not only seemed to have discovered it but to have already become proficient in it as well. I almost gave up the search for it thinking it wasn't meant for me. But, it came in so unexpectedly and quietly into my life.

Without much further ado, it is with great pleasure that I introduce you all to the new love of my life (drumroll.....) - “Cooking” !

Never did I think in my wildest of dreams that “cooking” would be the one which stirred my passion from deep within. That too after such a disastrous start !(Kindly refer earlier posts)

It started off with just throwing together some ingredients to satisfy my other half who I must tell you ( or as most of you already know from my previous incidents) is a gastronome. Alas ! He absolutely detested any sort of mediocre taste and accepted only superior quality of food preparation.

Though initially I did curse my fate, I must admit that had he not pushed me and constantly advised me through the course of preparing each dish, I would have fallen far behind in the long journey of mastering this art.

Cooking is not just an art but also a science”, he quotes frequently.

This art/ science has enchanted me so much to say that almost every spare minute I get now ( which is a lot !) is spent on surfing food blogs, food websites, study on ingredients, techniques or tips and tricks of the trade.

To the extent, that when I visited my parents two weeks back, they were very keen on getting me new clothes being it our new year and especially the first one post marriage. I declined and stated that I do not want clothes.Instead with that budget, I would be most pleased if they got me a measuring cup set and a pyrex liquid measuring jar. I have never been so gratified with a purchase as this. ( Don't regret till this minute) And I wondered to myself- I mean, when have I denied clothes, bags,shoes for utensils ?!?!

Doesn't end here. I have prepared a whole wish list of cook books, baking utensils and baking equipments for all the birthdays, anniversaries or for any other occasion for the next five years that people choose to gift me.

My long term plans include acquiring all the relevant equipment particularly meant for baking. I also want to enroll for cooking courses and especially baking, starting my very own food blog.

I guess some of this has got to do with me recently watching the Oscar nominated movie- Julie & Julia. The movie hit the right spot in me and I doubt there was a film such as this to which I could so closely relate and be inspired by- the cooking, the food blogging, the inexperience.

Infact I dream about the day when I can bake perfect cakes beautifully decorated with complex designs and going on to capture them as perfect photographs.

This has got to be much more than a superficial relationship.

Doesn't life have the strangest way of teaching you its lessons? I am reaffirmed that all happens in our lives does so only for the good. In this context, had I not got married , I would have never attempted this art / science, And had I started working by now, I would never have been able to delve into it full-fledged like I am doing now and would have long given it up half-heartedly performing it only as a monotonous,unavoidable routine in my life.

Although, I am worried that with this pace, I might burn down this new-found fascination and it will end up being a painful rut which I will loathe performing for the rest of my life. That is something I just can't afford being a home-maker /wife.

My dear MIL says- “Only true food lovers go on to make great chefs.Hence, going by your approach you should make an excellent one.” I just hope she is proved right in the days to come.

So here am I- the food enthusiast in transition to becoming an even better cook and an ever passionate food blogger ( hopefully !) leaving you, with this pic below.

 Chocolate-hazelnut cake with choc frosting baked from scratch for our sixth month anniversary


  1. The pressure cooker is really cooking. Btwn, does thankappan's bakery provide home delivery?? ;)

  2. Thank u..! Yes definitely..but only for special occasions !! :)

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  4. @mehjabeen...thanks ! you ve got a lovely space as well..! :)

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  6. @Ms.Chitchat..Thank u so much for ur comments and happier to meet a new friend !

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  8. @Aruna..Thanx a ton ! Did visit ur space..Lovely collection.. :)

  9. its a great thing to pick up something from the scratch and love it so much. you'll definitely do well for yourself. happy baking!

  10. @sneo.. thank u so much for the lovely comments ! :)

  11. You write so well, my young lady! :)ha ha lovely read! :D
    I swear, the art of cooking/baking(science lol) is never as hard as writing!
    Start with simple bakes and cooking and you will get the trick.
    Sure,you are going to Rock soon! :)

  12. ...and I always have a soft corner for such writers :)..I think I got you in fb..hope u'd consider my req ;)

  13. am totally floored with that comment esp from an avid food blogger like yourself. Hoping to follow the very same tried n tasted path journeying from simple to complex-er n complex-est ! :)

  14. @Bharathy..Already accepted :)..That's what blogging is all about..Making new friends ! Looking forward to hearing from u and especially ur constructive criticism is invited!

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  18. awww 6th month anniversary. Isn't that utterly cute.

    Happy anniversary..

    I don't even remember what that felt like :-)

    the cake looks wonderful and it is such a lovely gesture.

  19. Anita- Hehe, when you re jobless and newly married, guess these are the moments you live by ! Aww..nothing like that. I just needed an occasion to bake ! Lol..

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