Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's bring back someone from the past

This time around, let’s discuss about rekindling old love(s)?

I only mean READING ! (Sheeshh...) - A habit probably passed on to me through my dad’s genes and was so addictive that I couldn’t go to bed without a book through most of my childhood and all of my adolescence. But somewhere during my post graduation hostel days, it vanished deep in the teeming pool of irresistible gossips, midnight feasts and new friends.                 

It was only until my recent days of joblessness (=housewiving) that I re-discovered this old passion of mine. Not only that, I am pretty much satisfied with my pace now. Moving on from 1 book in 6 months, have progressed rapidly into 2 books in 2 weeks and counting. Infact, I gloat shamelessly over my "achievement" !! J

But Alas !  A younger and hotter love is undoubtedly more luring. That is when a fascinating opportunity in form of a new obsession presented itself in front of me, which intermixes the old with the new.

As many of you might know in the blogosphere, food blogging has become quite a rage but the current flavor is the” Cook Book Club”. Let me explain. A book is chosen for a month, during which you read the book and then later cook a dish inspired by it before going on to blog about it.

Don’t you remember those Enid Blyton books from your childhood? My favourites were Secret Seven and Malory towers. Oh ! and how about all the food at those clubhouse meetings and midnight feats - jam tarts, chocolate cookies, ginger biscuits, tongue sandwiches, buns, toffee, orangeade- all seemed so exotic and lip-smacking at the time !

So well, the cook book club is a wonderful incorporation of a book review and a fabulous recipe. So I get to read a new book, cook something exotic (which is strictly relative) and make some new friends. And I have got myself a win-win situation!

The publishing date for the month of May is tomorrow and hence, also the day I publish my first post.    

For those who are interested, do check out this link- This book makes me cook. Do join us if you interested. I am sure we would all love to have new members joining us. All the guidelines are mentioned in the site.

So it’s adieu from me until tomorrow !


  1. Book-ing, Cooking and Blogging...Thats a nice cocktail.

  2. Hoping that this cocktail presents itself regularly every month :) !

  3. thanks for stopping by gayathri :) following you blog!would love for you to follow back thanksss :)

  4. Hey Gayathri,

    Thanks for stopping by my space! I think we share same stories.. Reading is a child hood day hobby.. Since, now I have lots of spare time-I do a lot of reading!



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