Sunday, November 13, 2011

NEWS..NEWS and some more NEWS !!!

And that has been one lon..g…g..g  post-less period for me and this space! You guys got to trust me when I say this, that this time it was completely unintentional. A LOT and I do mean A LOT has happened since this.

Going straight to the news update:
  • Joined work..!’s the exact profile in which I hold two years of experience, remember this? ( link to one year on unemp) and if I might say, for the better infact. It just feels so great to be back at work. I almost forgot what it was like to be working! All the e-mailing, the looping, the cc-ing, the work-lingo.. J and ofcourse the actual work.
  • I passed my driving test and got my 1st ever driving license..woo hooo !! This was in my to-achieve list for as long as I can remember.
  • We shifted out to a bigger apartment which means I am getting a brand new oven. Crazy I come…!!
  • My in-laws are visiting, which means I get to eat food not prepared by me and tasty at that ‘coz my MIL is truly an awesome cook. Planning to add a whole lot on to my limited repertoire of dishes.
  • My parents are gifted me and my hubby (rather “him” coz he’s a photography freak) a DSLR for our 1st anniversary.. yeahhhhhh !  So which means going forward you guys are actually going to get to see some quality pics (hopefully) around here!
  • And the last but definitely not the least, we just completed a year of marriage on Oct 27th and it just feels like yesterday since I posted this cake I baked for our 6 “monthversary” and this happened to be the day I got my first salary as well..J J J!
So , right now things can’t look better than they are as of now that I almost fear something going to go wrong soon..! Touch wood..

Leaving you guys with a few shots taken from the new cam and promise to be back soon..


  1. Wow,what a lucky gal!Wishes for your anniversary and congrats on all the good things!Like your style of wring and hoping to see pics from your new cam.Drop by my space sometimes and hope you'll like it .. :)

  2. WOW... that is indeed wonderful news..:) Best wishes and the pics look too good..:)
    Wishing you more years of happiness and achievements..:)

  3. So many great news over there....Lucky you...
    Congrats on the anniversary...

  4. I'm back! And this is such a feel good post. You seem delighted and that is contagious. :) Congratulations on all counts! Nice fresh look to the blog too!

  5. Can sense the happiness in ur wordings. Beautiful write-up,well expressed. Congrats for all the goodies and best wishes on ur job.Have fun :):)

  6. Wow, this is so exciting. I'm so happy for you! Congratulations, Happy Anniversary and wish you all the very best!

  7. Amazing clicks. So many exciting news. Congrats dear. Happy belated anniversary.

  8. Thank u all so much for all those lovely comments...Thank u from the bottom of my heart..things have been crazy in the last few days as u ve read above..will definitely be in touch.. :)

  9. No wonder -- I was quite intrigued by the super-duper shots posted in the recent post :D Now I know why ;) Your food is going to look much more yummier now. Congrats on all your achievements :)

  10. I am so happy for your sweetum.. Touch wood. Am typing in one of my longgggg mails :D Get ready to read it.. :)

    Love the gifts.. :)

  11. Congrats on everything and trust me nothing will go wrong. It will be perfect as it is and going forward it will only get better. Love the photos and the new look of the blog.

  12. congratulations on the new job, DSLR, apartment and a year of marriage :)


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