Saturday, August 1, 2015

Exploring Italy in the Summer of 2015

Almost nearing 5 years of marriage, the one thing I repeatedly kept nagging the husband (TH) was that we (just the two of us) never took a proper trip and no, Bahrain, Dubai, India trips didn’t count ! Finally, the wish materialized in the summer of 2015.

Of the many destinations in mind, we (rather I) finalized on Italy and as days passed, TH emphatically declared that I was suffering from acute OCD as I ate, slept, drank (not cricket) but Italy. I devoured my Rick Steves guidebook cover to cover, which by the way I would highly recommend to anyone planning a visit to Europe.

So then what seemed like after visa interviews, multiple “unsuccessful” fingerprinting attempts, numerous excel sheets and hundreds of hours of guidebook research, here we were in Italy. We (again rather I) chose three cities and stayed 2 nights at each of them. We landed in Rome (FCO) one hot day in the month of July, headed to Florence immediately subsequently to Rome and from there to Sorrento located in the south of the country.

So below you would find the links to the posts for each of the cities we stayed and some other practical information, which I thought, might be useful to anyone out there:

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